When it comes to the various benefits uPVC has to offer, there’s one thing That matters the most – convenience. And compared to wood, steel and aluminium, WINTECH uPVC systems pose the least complications.


  • Zero dependence on carpenters, as all labour is outsourced.
  • Factory finished profiles with minimal on-site work and minimal workforce, limiting the disturbance and damage to other work.
  • Installed only at the final stages of the building construction, it does not block funds.
  • Minimal post-installation issues, no warping or seepages, etc.

Moreover, with WINTECH, there’s the added advantage of availability of multiple options for various requirements, to optimise costs and meet all functional requirements – be it kitchen windows, sliding windows, sliding doors, large sliding doors, opening windows with grill and mesh provisions, or ventilators.

As a launchpad for every great builder’s dream, WINTECH ensures almost all requirements are delivered quickly, using over 70 dedicated fabricators across the country. Well equipped with local production facilities and an annual capacity to deliver over 70,00,000 sq. ft. of windows, WINTECH also assures on-demand availability of materials and quick supplies. To top it off, partnering with the NCL Group that has been serving builders across India for over 3 decades, WINTECH understands core concerns and is equipped to address each of them.

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